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Contract Law

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Goverment Contracts Law

Contract Law

Lawyers at The Nevarez Law Firm offer extensive experience in all contract matters involving individuals and small businesses.  Our law firm possesses experience in every aspect of contracting, from pre-award matters, to contract administration, to post-contract litigation.  The attorneys and lawyers at The Nevarez Law Firm provide a full range of legal services to clients involved in labor and employment law matters, and can advise and assist you each and every step of the way, including:

Business Contracts

Construction Contracts

Labor and Employment Law Contracts

Real Estate Contracts

The Nevarez Law Firm represents clients in legal matters, in state and federal courts, in the County of El Paso, Texas, and throughout West Texas and New Mexico.  Possessing legal experience of more than thirty (30) years, our attorneys and lawyers advise and assist clients in legal matters and civil and commercial litigation related to bankruptcy and consumer law, business and contract law, labor and employment law, real estate and construction law, and in matters involving white collar fraud.  Visit us at any one of our three (3) convenient locations in El Paso, Texas, or call us for a free 15 minute telephone consultation: (915) 584-8000.

Government Contract Law

Lawyers at The Nevarez Law Firm provide a full range of legal services to clients doing business with the Government, particularly small businesses.  From contract formation to contract appeals, for small business set asides to Major System Acquisitions, and for any fixed-price or cost-plus Government Contract, our Firm has the skill and experience that you need behind you. Whether it’s providing advice to clients on bid and proposal preparation, to advising clients on complex Government procurement regulations, or defending them in Government bid protests, contract claims, or the wide range of related administrative, civil and criminal proceedings, Lawyers at The Nevarez Law Firm can advise and assist you each and every step of the way, including:

Bid Protests
Claims and Terminations
Commercial Items
Construction Contracts
Cooperative Agreements/OTs
Cost Accounting Standards
Data Rights Software & Technical Data
Defective Cost and Pricing
Due Diligence and Fraud Investigations
Ethics and Compliance
False Claims Act
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
GSA Schedules
Import and Export Controls
International Contracting
Joint Ventures & Teaming Agreements
Labor and Employment Law
Litigation and ADR/Arbitration
Payments and Funding
Service Contracting
Small Business Act Issues
Small Business Laws and Tax
State and Local Government Contracts
Suspension and Debarment

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